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    SULK: illustrated journal

    my name is higu.
    i want to write graphic novels.
    writing/character blog

    “your art makes me sooo happy whenever i see it, its just so cool! just wanted to let you know...” – asked by Anonymous

    i am flattered and happy to hear this!!  thank you so much!



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    but if you DelLETE the FRIBDICkINg commentary on my ARTt you will never understand…. you wll NEVER….. UNDERSTAND……!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont do it

    “ooh i love the pixies” – asked by Anonymous

    they’ve been my favorite band since high school!!  i think surfer rosa or doolittle are my favorite albums, but i don’t know because i tend to just put all the albums i have on shuffle and that’s how i jam.  caribou is probably my favorite song (maybe).  i like how a lot of their lyrics are “AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA” or generally about fucking.