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  • my name is higu rose.
    i want to write graphic novels.
    don't use my selfies for icons/graphics/etc.
    i am not accepting commissions right now.
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    SULK: illustrated journal

    event sched:
    pittsburgh zine fair (sept. 28)
    locust moon fest (?????)
    youmacon (oct. 29 - nov. 2)

    i felt like a dick for not posting anything with substance for a while, so here’s a video of me talking shit about sketching.  it is an awkward horizontal video because i can’t hold a camera properly.

    i didn’t elaborate in the video so i will mention it here: i think there is this idea in the art community that you must produce work daily in order to improve or to have the right to call yourself an artist.  i think that’s shit.  it’s shit.  if you can draw every day, then congrats, that’s fucking awesome and you should be proud of yourself.  but if you don’t do it every day, for whatever reason — work, health, focus, etc — that’s nothing to beat yourself up over.  i think a lot of young artists do this, and i think it’s potentially dangerous because it creates a psychological barrier that some artists might struggle with (i.e. “ah fuck i can’t draw every day, i’m a fucking failure”, etc).  i mentioned it before, but i definitely don’t sketch every day because i definitely don’t feel like drawing every day.  i don’t want art to become some daily chore that i look forward to on one day and dread the next.  what the fuck is the point.  i make art because i want to express an emotion or a story; the idea of properly composing that expression makes me happy.  if i get to share it with people and it comes across well — or i learn something about myself and my work or about others — that’s dope.

    i like the idea of striving to create work that helps me psychologically rather than work thats going to make me feel like shit during the process.  that doesn’t necessarily mean “i dont like creating art when i have to struggle”.  problem solving while i draw is great because i learn something new about my medium or my means of visual expression.  but to me “problem solving” is different from “existential artist dread”.

    i don’t think my methods can/should be applied to everyone though.  the work i produce is pretty narrow because the target audience is the demographic i am most comfortable with… me.  HA HA!!

    my excuse for not being around lately is that i spent the last week writing/drawing THIS DAMN COMIC, which hopefully will be up for preorder later this week!!!!  WOW!!!!!!  it is a story about seti being a shitty boy, costarring: dresden, nabokov, a bunch of girls, the agony of my own personal hell which i have created for myself

    “is your new zine going to be available online?” – asked by Anonymous

    i’m going to put the pdf on gumroad and the leftover hardcopies on storenvy tonight!  thanks for reminding me!

    (i’ll also have it at youmacon + a secret bonus project that i’ll hopefully finish in time ayaoooo)