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  • my name is higu rose.
    i want to write graphic novels.
    don't use my selfies for icons/graphics/etc.
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    SULK: illustrated journal

    event sched:
    pittsburgh zine fest (sept. 28)
    locust moon fest (?????)
    youmacon (oct. 29 - nov. 2)

    “What happens to Seti and Nabokov after they split? Do they ever meet again? I'm new here.” – asked by Anonymous

    hi hello welcome!!!!  no one has asked this so you’re cool and i’m preening because you’re interested enough to ask.

    Nabokov:  sent away to a family house in another state for a little while where some weird shit happens (storms, awkward phone conversations, dead animals); spends a couple years moving from place to place doing various things that i will one day draw (works at an art gallery, dates a certain other OC of mine, gets engaged, accidentally ruins some lives); moves back to town and gets involved with the events of A Hole Story!!!; more or less chills out and settles down after that.

    Seti:  stays in town doing more of the same shit he says he’ll stop doing; eventually finishes school; finally starts kind of going steady with someone i have not introduced formally; STUFF HAPPENS THAT I AM NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT FOR VARIOUS REASONS!!!!!!!!
    (i actually have like, three potential canon futures for Seti and i can’t decide which one of them i like because i a) love wounding my friends who like Seti, b) think all the options too good to choose between, c) kind of want Seti to be happy but am not sure i can actually manage it)
    (i have more of Seti’s story developed from pre-Nabokov than post-Nabokov tbh, but he’s interesting for me to write which is why i have so many options for where i want him to go!!!!  you’re more likely to see pre-Nabokov Seti stories in the near future)

    DO THEY MEET UP………….???  i don’t know.  i could easily write it either way but i can’t decide if i want them to be happy or not.  HAHA!!

    “idk why i just wanna hug you” – asked by Anonymous

    it’s ok i’m pretty great so that makes sense

    “hey! wondering if i could use /post/77098940110/ as a mix cover (with credit of course!) ?” – asked by Anonymous

    go right ahead!  thank you for asking!

    (also feel free to link me to the mix cuz i love checkin out mixes)

    “so when are you going to make A Hole Story? it seems cool and I want to read it” – asked by Anonymous


    maybe… within… the next year?  i’ve been reworking it and finally legitimately outlining it recently so… hopefully… soon… i want to draw the whole thing out and then post it incrementally because that’s better for me… if anything, i’ll end up doing ~Part One~ and then make y’all sit around to read ~Part Two~ since that’s the part i’m struggling with, heh.

    thank you for being interested!!