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    my name is higu.
    i want to write graphic novels.
    commissions / [status]

    100% MEME!!  sometimes details sometimes not.  right click + view image to see actual size

    “Is Seti part of a story you're writing? I might be in love.” – asked by Anonymous

    i’m working on a short (about 60pgs lmfao) comic about him!  but it probably won’t be done until after i finish grad school.  so far all i’ve got for you is this 24 hour comic I drew about him and Nabokov.  Seti is kind of a protagonist in Nabokov’s backstory, which is like a bonus thing to The Actual(TM) story that Nabokov shows up in (A Hole Story)… it’s hard to imagine him without Nabokov so that’s a hard question to answer!  but i’m glad you like him!!

    there are certain journal comics that i don’t post online but i share sneaky shots of… in june i’ll be releasing my whole journal so look forward to that ^q^

    temporarily closing the print store

    hey everybody!  thanks for an awesome tekko, and thanks for all the recent follows!

    i noticed an influx in people following my print shop… which is AWESOME.  thank you for your interest!  unfortunately, i am going to have to close the shop for a little while so i can recount my prints and order new ones.  hopefully i will be reopening soon.

    also, for those of you interested in SUTEKI KILLER prints: i sold out of the smaller ones from last year and don’t plan on reprinting them.  i DO have the larger ones (11x17), however, i am inept and not sure how to go about shipping them, so they might be con-exclusive.  sorry!

    thanks again!!