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  • my name is higu rose.
    i want to write graphic novels.
    don't use my selfies for icons/graphics/etc.
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    SULK: illustrated journal

    event sched:
    pittsburgh zine fair (sept. 28)
    locust moon fest (?????)
    youmacon (oct. 29 - nov. 2)

    “is your new zine going to be available online?” – asked by Anonymous

    i’m going to put the pdf on gumroad and the leftover hardcopies on storenvy tonight!  thanks for reminding me!

    (i’ll also have it at youmacon + a secret bonus project that i’ll hopefully finish in time ayaoooo)

    “I remember that you used to have a page with some of your inspirations/favorite music/books and i can't find it! Do you mind giving the link to it? Thanks!” – asked by Anonymous

    hahaha i took it down because i was trying to be a cool guy minimalist.  here you go!

    “if you don't mind me asking, how do you make/get ideas for doing your zines? I've been wanting to do one for the longest time, and I think I have an idea of what I want to do it about but I have no idea where to begin, or how to make it??” – asked by rheabuns

    yo!  i get all my ideas from personal experience, because my zines are autobiographical.  i think doing SULK helped a lot, because i learned to recognize when something was on my mind and i needed to journal/write about it.  WHITE BOY THIRST in particular exists because i was getting over a real bad crush on a white boy.  i wrote BRAT because over the past year or so i’ve learned to love myself in new ways, and i wanted to share it (and i wanted to do a more positive personal/autobio project, since SULK was, uh… sulky, and WBT was kind of tongue-in-cheek masochistic).

    so!!  to start: pick a topic that means a lot to you and that you want to share with other people.  something that you can write however many pages about.

    then brainstorm some shit.  produce a metric fuckton of brainstorming.  what do you want to talk about relating to Topic?  here’s my brainstorm for WBT


    and then i fleshed out each individual thought tree


    for those of you who have written a lot of academic papers: firstly, my condolences; secondly, here’s a time where knowing how to organize a paper is going to help out.  think of your zine as an essay.  you need a Thesis (aka your Topic).  then for each section of your zine, you need a Topic Sentence that supports your Thesis.  so for example, my Topic/Thesis was “white boy thirst and how it has effected my life”.  one of my Topic Sentences/zine pages/zine sections was “how to cope with white boy thirst”.  said Sub Topic supports my Thesis of how white boy thirst has influenced my life.  get it?  

    here’s a diagram/outline thingy


    it’s almost exactly how a teacher/professor would probably want you to outline a paper (though this is very bare-bones).  admittedly, my way of doing things might be kind of over the top and can PROBABLY be simplified, but uh… i have written a lot of academic papers, so this is how i process/plan things.  i am a trained academic and not trained artist, so i am kinda over the top with this.  ur papers r due at 11:59pm tonight and they r worth half ur grade for this semester the topic is “why did higu do that thing he did” good luck.

    and then i also do this page layout thing to figure out the order of my zine page (which you DO NOT HAVE TO DRAW IN ORDER!!!  DRAW THEM IN WHATEVER ORDER YOU WANT, YOU CAN REORDER THEM LATER AYYY).  here’s one (of many) for BRAT


    i made six of these fucking things for this zine because i couldn’t fucking figure it out.  i do this because i intend to print stuff and page placement/flow is important to me in the same way track orders is important to some musicians.  there’s a certain flow that you want your audiences to follow.  also i am fucking nitpicky.

    in terms of technical stuff:  i draw all my zine pages at print size (piece of printer paper folded in half); i scan it and fuck with it in photoshop, then i combine the pages into a .PDF using adobe acrobat and take it to fedex/kinkos to print (dont fucking bother using acrobat to print shit, that program is fucking miserable).  make sure you tell the kinkos folks to print it as a booklet!!  the program they use will reorder the pages appropriately for you.  i love these people.

    also, i want to emphasize that your zine can contain and be made of whatever you want.  it can be illustrations and comics.  it can be prose and poetry.  it can be photos.  it can be tweets.  it can be medical diagrams.  it can be fucking anything you want it to be.  you can use stickers, post-its, anything.  i draw mine with crayola markers, not to mention WBT has stickers on almost every page.  do whatever you want!  it can be as neat or messy as you feel it needs to be, because it’s your zine and it’s your rules.

    AT THIS POINT I HAVE REALIZED THAT I TOTALLY MADE ZINE MAKING LOOK HORRIBLE AND ABSOLUTELY NOT FUN AT ALL.  but it is!!  it absolutely is!  you don’t have to do exactly what i do.  my process works for me because that is how i am used to organizing my thoughts; that might not necessarily be true for you.  you can experiment and figure out how to make the process comfortable for you.  like, you don’t necessarily have to start by knowing your topic; maybe there’s just a small thing you want to think/write about.  you can make a zine around it!  (this is how BRAT came about— i wanted to draw a comic of an important moment in my life and i realized i could expand it).  go in whatever order makes most sense to you, and do whatever is FUN.  because fuck doing anything if it’s not fun in some way.

    good luck!!!

    *firm but gentle bark*

    tomorrow i’ll be at the pittsburgh zine fair from 2pm-8pm!!!!!!  please visit me and bring me tea (green and/or ginger) and maybe some snacks.  also, give me money.

    “hi, can i use a piece of your art as facebook timeline of my account if i put in the description the url of this blog?” – asked by Anonymous

    i’m going to have to say no to facebook use because their image copyright/licensing is mo suspicious.  thank you for asking!